When considering abortion, women often consider a variety of factors: potential risks, what the procedure will entail, what the cost will be, etc., but getting an STD test is often not a consideration. However, having an untreated STD can increase the risk of contracting an infection after your abortion. New York is one of the top states in the nation for STDs, so it’s important to get tested for STDs even if you don’t think you have one. If you are pregnant and wanting to receive testing before an abortion procedure, call or text Northtown Pregnancy Center at 716-800-2306 to schedule a no-cost STD testing.

What STDs Are Most Common in New York? 

The two most common STDs in New York are chlamydia and syphilis. In fact, as of a 2018 CDC study, New York is ranked 10th in the nation for both of these with 119,571 reported cases of chlamydia and 2,654 reported syphilis cases. For both of these STDs, symptoms commonly present in men, but are much less likely to present in women. For example, for cases of chlamydia, only 25% of women experience symptoms, compared to a 50% rate for men.

Why Is STD Testing Before an Abortion Important?

STDs pose a higher threat to pregnant women who are considering an abortion, as they can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). PID occurs when certain bacteria travels from the vagina or cervix into the rest of the reproductive system and organs. A variety of infections can lead to PID, but the most common ones are STDs, especially chlamydia. Symptoms of PID widely vary and can often go unnoticed, making it difficult to diagnose. If left untreated, PID can lead to complications such as chronic pelvic pain, ectopic pregnancy, and even infertility.

Abortion procedures are a risk factor for contracting PID, due to the instruments that are inserted into the vagina that can serve as vehicles for the bacteria to move further into your vagina. In addition, most abortion procedures involve dilating the cervex, which acts as the barrier between your cervix and the rest of your reproductive system, thus increasing the infection’s access to the reproductive system. This is why it’s vital to get an STD test before undergoing any surgical abortion procedures. 

What Does an STD Test Entail?

The good news is that getting an STD test is a quick and painless process. Typically all that is required is a urine and blood sample, although in some cases where physical symptoms are present, a swab of the affected area may be needed. 

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